Fuscient delivers innovative marketing that produces measurable results.  Since 1995 we've helped clients use the Internet to boost sales, build brands, enhance customer relationships, and strengthen their competitive edge.

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USATaxDollars.com - Our latest special project! Ever wonder how the federal government spends your tax dollars?  Find out now!
visit: USATaxDollars.com

Internhere.com - The new site uses Fuscient's SmartMail system to automatically send students a personalized email containing internships that match their interests.
visit: Internhere.com

CONNSTEP.org - Connecticut's leading resource for manufacturing businesses launches new site.
visit: CONNSTEP.org

Pitney Bowes Sales Tool Center - Pitney Bowes launches a print-on-demand site that allows sales people across the country to order customized print brochures.

Couponbug.com goes live. Private label versions of the site have been developed for over 100 nationwide television stations.
visit: CouponBug.com

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On May 20th, 2004 we sucessfully completed the world's first private space launch. The rocket officially reached an altitude of 72 miles. One month later, Burt Rutan made his historic first manned private space launch aboard Spaceship One. Fuscient is incredibly proud to be part of this historic period in aerospace history. view the launch