An idea that made it to the White House

Back in 2008, we couldn’t find a good online tool that showed how the federal government spent our tax dollars, so we built one. Our hope was that USATaxDollars would help everyday citizens understand how much they pay in taxes, how the money is spent, and motivate them to become informed voters.

We’ve gone viral

It started with a few tweets. Which turned into a deluge of visitors. A few weeks later, we were in a studio talking about USATaxDollars to a radio audience! The idea of a taxpayer reciept spread faster than we could have imagined. We even got the attention of the White House. On April 15, 2011 they launched thier own version of the tool.

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Responsive Design

Over time, an increasing number of visitor were on tablets and mobile phones. We recently updated the site to have a responsive design that works equally well on all devices.

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